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The fucking first time

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I feel like so many women and men view feminism incorrectly. It’s not about making women the spotlight of our society, or making more money than men to make up for years of oppression, or FEARING men, or generalizing men, or thinking all men are oppressive bastards, or that all men act in rape culture, or that all women should feel comfortable with their sexuality, or that stay at home mothers shouldn’t exist. Feminism is a movement to make women EQUAL, but still women. It’s about being afforded the same opportunities as men without feeling that they HAVE to hire you because of a law saying that their company should be more diverse with women. Not having the feeling that men will be hired over you. Feminism should be more about trying to change the mindset of people who don’t view women a strong independent people who are capable to do whatever men can do. If a woman wants to be a stripper respect that, if she wants to cover her body for religious or personal beliefs, respect that! In my opinion too many women oppress other women because they’re not fitting the mold of what THEY feel feminists should be. I feel men and women should respect each other’s as equal.

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Become the Rape Joke

Inspired by Lora Mathis’s poem “the Rape Joke" and "Rape Joke" by Patricia Lockwood.

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The rape joke is that you were seventeen,
the legal age of consent in your home state.
The rape joke is that you took him to church.
The rape joke is that your grandmother trusted
you and left you alone with him because
he said that he would get you home safely.
The rape joke is that, against your better judgement,
you went down to the amphitheater with him, alone.
It was dark but he had a kind smile and you
trusted everyone until they gave you a reason not to.

The rape joke is that he knew you were four years
clean and used drugs to get what he wanted.
The rape joke is that he complimented you during.
The rape joke is that it lasted for three hours,
all the while you lay beneath him
on that picnic table, entirely conscious and aware.
You could feel, see and hear everything but
you couldn’t move. You tried to scream but you couldn’t.

The rape joke is that he kissed your tears away.
The rape joke is that he held your hand,
as you sat in silence, in the back of a taxi.

The rape joke is that he texted you when he got home,
making sure that you “keep this between us
and don’t tell anyone about anything.”
The rape joke is that you muffled your cries for an hour,
not wanting to wake anyone in the house.
The rape joke is that you called your grandmother
and apologized over and over, as if you were to blame.

The rape joke is that at the hospital you were
guilted into having a rape kit done, but come to find out
the doctor didn’t log anything. All your evidence is gone.

The rape joke is that once the police arrived they asked
“What had you been wearing?”
“Are you sure you didn’t give consent earlier?”
“You’re aware that it’s just going to be he said/she said, right?”
“In this state you’re over the age to give consent.”
“Did he drug you or did you do drugs and regret it?”
The rape joke is that it’s illegal to have sex
with someone under the influence but the police
seem to have misplaced your toxicology report
from that night. There’s no proof drugs were ever involved.

The rape joke is that the police have already had
their interview with him, but its been 70 days
since the assault and they won’t even return your calls.
The rape joke is that you have to have therapy
4-5 times a week and now are on 6 different
medications, but the nightmares, flashbacks, panic attacks
and thoughts of wanting to kill yourself
still won’t go away. You’re scarred.
The rape joke is that you deeply crave touch
but flinch when someone even walks too close to you.

The rape joke is that 1 in 6 American women
have been a victim of an attempted or completed
rape in her lifetime. Each year, there are about
237,868 victims of sexual assault.

The rape joke is that once you told your family what
had happened they began to confess things as well.
The rape joke is that your sister was raped by
her ex-boyfriend and your mother was gang raped at 15 
and raped again by her boss at 19, giving birth to you as a result.
The rape joke is that, like many cases, neither was reported.

The rape joke is that you’re forced to keep
what happened to you a secret because if you don’t
you’re looked at as the one who did something wrong.
The rape joke is that you have to go on
with your life, feeling disgusted with your own existence.
The rape joke is that you must suffer in silence.
You’ve become the rape joke.

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My friend and I were having a discussion the other day and somehow it came around to personal reactions to a crime: which would you view as worse - rape or murder.

I don’t even remember how we got onto the topic, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I think there’s a very visceral reason why…


We don’t need to teach women to protect themselves, stop drinking, or change their clothes. We need to teach our boys that they can never place their hands on ANYONE without consent.


do you ever need a five minute hug but only from like a specific person

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I need a loyal bestfriend like Louise
I need a perfect boyfriend like Alfie
I need a sweetheart like Zoe
I need a akward realist like Dan
I need a prankster like Joe
I need a innocent bestie like Phil
I need a partier like Caspar
I need a adventurer like Louis
I need a musical genius like Troye
I need a hilarious BFF like Tyler
I need some youtubers 💕

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Soulmates? I think they exist. just not always romantically. I think there are certain people that you will meet in your life who you just connect with more than anyone else and you just know it isn’t a typical thing, and you understand each other perfectly. And this person wont always be your “significant other” I mean it could be your friend or sibling or parent or the person you’re dating or whoever, it could be just about anyone you’ve ever interacted with.”

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